Mission, Vision and Values


The mission of the OCQ is directly related to the general mission of all professional orders. The OCQ has the following mission:

“To safeguard the public by ensuring quality and excellence in chiropractic practice, and supporting the development of OCQ members’ skills.”


“To be a key reference in neuromusculoskeletal health and a leader in the field of spinal and joint manipulations.”



The OCQ fosters collaboration, not only among chiropractors, but also among various healthcare professionals. Cooperation among the various players in the healthcare sector has a positive impact on the care delivered to the public.


The OCQ demonstrates tremendous thoroughness regarding the monitoring of professional practice and the choice of professional development and continuing education programs that it offers to ensure the quality of care delivered to the public.

It requires that all members demonstrate the same thoroughness in their professional practice.


The OCQ emphasizes the importance of integrity among its members. It particularly insists on its members’ obligation to comply with all requirements in order to ensure that the public receives quality care that meets the highest standards of excellence.

To learn about our commitments to the public, consult our Service Statement.